Upgrade, rollback, or uninstall GCXI

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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Customer Experience Insights Private Edition Guide for version Current of Reporting.

Learn how to upgrade, rollback, or uninstall Genesys Customer Experience Insights (GCXI).

Upgrade GCXI

In scenarios where you have previously deployed GCXI using Helm, use the instructions in this procedure to upgrade to a newer GCXI release.


Obtain the Helm installation package (IP) before you begin. The Helm IP has a file name in the format gcxi-<release>.tgz, for example gcxi-018.00.tgz.

  1. On the Control Plane node, set the current directory to the helm folder, and run the following command to create a subfolder to differentiate this release from others:
    mkdir helm_<folder>
    where <folder> is the folder in which to extract the Helm package. For example: 018.00.
  2. To extract the Helm package, run the following command:
    tar xvzf <helm IP file name> -C helm_<folder>
    <folder> is the folder you created in the previous step.
    <helm IP file name> is the name of the gcxi Helm package you are installing.
    For example:
    mkdir helm_018.00; tar xvzf gcxi- -C helm_018.00
  3. To remove Ingress, run the following command:
    helm delete gcxi-nginx -n ingress-nginx
  4. From the folder where you deployed the previous release of GCXI using Helm, copy the file values-test.yaml into the new folder.
  5. Navigate to the new folder (for example, using the CD command), and run the following command:
    helm upgrade --debug gcxi-helm gcxi/ --namespace gcxi --create-namespace -f values-test.yaml
  6. To configure Ingress, run the following command:
    helm install --debug --set controller.kind=DaemonSet --set controller.hostNetwork=true --set tcp.34952=gcxi/gcxi:mstr --set tcp.8180=gcxi/gcxi:metrics gcxi-nginx ingress-nginx/ingress-nginx --create-namespace -n ingress-nginx

Rollback GCXI

No rollback procedure is available.

Uninstall GCXI

Complete the following steps to remove GCXI:

  1. Execute the following command to remove Ingress:
    helm delete gcxi-nginx -n ingress-nginx
  2. Execute the following command to remove GCXI:
    helm uninstall gcxi-helm -n gcxi
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