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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Callback Private Edition Guide for version Current of Callback.

Learn about Genesys Engagement Service/Callback and how it works in Genesys Multicloud CX private edition.

Welcome to the Genesys Callback Private Edition Guide. This document explains the provisioning, deployment, configuration, and start procedures for Genesys Callback. The microservice that provides the callback functionality is called Genesys Engagement Service. Because this guide covers the deployment of the service, Genesys Engagement Service and GES terminology is used in much of the descriptive text and in any sample commands.

Supported Kubernetes platforms

Genesys Engagement Service (GES) is supported on the following Kubernetes platforms:

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

See the Callback Release Notes for information about when support was introduced.

General information about Genesys Callback

Genesys offers classic callback services, allowing consumers to select either a callback as soon as an agent is available who has skills that match the caller's needs or, alternatively, to schedule the callback for a specific day and time that is convenient. In addition, Genesys offers robust and feature-rich callback services so you can use Push Notifications and CAPTCHA widgets with your callback offering. You can monitor and manage your callback services in a UI, which includes a view of your callback queues. Key components of the consumer's app or web journey can be preserved for agent or reporting use.

On top of the traditional callback services and scenarios, Genesys also offers the Click-To-Call feature, which lets consumers call your contact center by simply tapping a button in your mobile app.

If you are new to GES/Callback and plan to use Callback on the hosted Genesys Multicloud CX platform, see Provisioning Callback in Designer.

After you have completed Callback provisioning and testing to ensure that calls are routed correctly, and Callback users have been assigned to the correct roles and access groups, you can begin to use the Callback UI. The Callback tab displays the list of callback records. Users with sufficient permissions use the Callback tab to manage the callback records, including creating, editing, or cancelling callbacks.

Callback Administrators and Developers have access to a Developer tab in the Callback UI. Use the Developer tab to manage callback activity and features at a more technical level. For example, you can check for errors in Callback API queries or validate API keys. To learn more about the tools on the Developer tab, see Troubleshooting and validating functionality.

For information about the Callback user interface (UI), see Genesys Callback Administrator's Guide.

For Release Notes, see Callback Release Notes.

Genesys Callback provides the following callback scenarios when deployed in a Kubernetes cluster:

Callback supports integration with Push Notifications and CAPTCHA widgets.

Genesys Callback is enabled by Genesys Engagement Services REST APIs. The Callback APIs are:

  • Callbacks: Create, retrieve, cancel callbacks.
  • Estimated Wait Time: Retrieve Estimated Wait Time.
  • Availability: Retrieve time slots for a callback, matching Office Hours.
  • Call In: Request the phone number to call in.
  • Queue Status: Retrieve information about a queue's readiness to accept callbacks.
  • Statistics: Provides a proxy to the GWS Statistics API. To use the Callback Statistics API, you must first register your GWS credentials in the Callback UI (Developer > Credential Management > GWS Credentials tab).

Callback reporting

You can generate both real-time and historical reports for callbacks. For real-time reporting, you require Genesys Pulse. For historical reporting, you require Genesys Customer Experience Insights (GCXI). For more information about callback reporting, see Callback reports.

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