Upgrade, rollback, or uninstall Genesys Engagement Service

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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Callback Private Edition Guide for version Current of Callback.

Learn how to upgrade, rollback or uninstall Genesys Engagement Service.

Upgrade Genesys Engagement Service

GES uses a rolling upgrade approach.

During a prescribed maintenance window, upgrade the Helm deployment forĀ GES by running the following command:

> helm upgrade --install -n <GES_NAMESPACE> -f <path/to/values.yaml> <GES_RELEASE_NAME> <PATH_TO_GES_HELM_CHART>

Versions must match Ensure that the version of GES and the Helm chart match. While Helm charts might work with other versions of GES, this is not tested and Genesys cannot guarantee success.

Provided there are no issues or errors when running the Helm command, you can expect GES to work with any updates supplied in the latest version of the Helm charts. You can verify that GES has upgraded successfully by either looking at dashboards (if provisioned) or using the health check APIs for GES (through the internal port query ges:3050/ges/v1/health/detail) to make sure that all dependencies are working as provided. In some instances, there might be changes to the GES Helm manifest that, due to restrictions in Kubernetes, require the existing GES deployment to be uninstalled and then re-installed, rather than simply upgraded in place. Consult the Callback Release Notes to see if this will be necessary.

Rollback Genesys Engagement Service

To roll back to a previous iteration of GES, follow the same process you used to upgrade GES. Be sure to downgrade both the GES version and the Helm chart version that you're using. It might be necessary to use an older version of the Helm values file.

Uninstall Genesys Engagement Service

You can uninstall GES using the Helm uninstall command. Depending on how services like Postgres and Redis are provisioned for GES, you will have to decommission those services separately. Discussion of that process is outside the scope of this document.