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Summarizes and links to the five main articles that describe Workload Manager's Configuration tab, where you can configure your IWD implementation.

The Configuration tab of Workload Manager lets administrators do the following:

  • View Summary details of all categories, prioritization schemas and endpoints. You can also search the displayed items and export displayed items to .CSV format.
  • View, edit and create the Categories displayed in the collapsible Categories panel. Categories correspond to business units, lines of business, departments or business processes.
  • View, edit and create different Prioritization schemas that will be assigned to Categories for handling the Prioritization and escalation of the work items and/or emails in those Categories.
  • View, edit and create Endpoints that can be associated with different Designer applications and assigned to the Categories.
  • View, edit and create Mailboxes that can handle incoming email as work items, as well as manage outgoing email.
Ask your Genesys team to configure other IWD settings, including notifications back to the source system.
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