Roles and privileges for iWD Manager users

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Understand, assign and edit the access privileges of the different iWD Manager users (roles). Genesys Professional Services configure roles and privileges initially, using the default values described in this page.

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Privilege name Roles
iWD Business User iWD Supervisor iWD User Notes
Workitems (Workitems tab in iWD Manager)
iWD.Workitems.canView X X X Requires iWD.Workitems.Search.canExecute privilege.
iWD.Workitems.canRead X X X
iWD.Workitems.canDelete X X
iWD.Workitems.canUpdate X X
iWD.Workitems.canCreate X
iWD.Workitems.BulkActions.canExecute X
iWD.Workitems.Search.canExecute X X X
iWD.Workitems.Export.canExecute X X
iWD.Workitems.Hold.canExecute X X
iWD.Workitems.Cancel.canExecute X X
iWD.Workitems.Resume.canExecute X X
iWD.Workitems.Restart.canExecute X X
Dashboard (Summary tab)
iWD.Dashboard.canView X X X Requires iWD.Workitems.Search.canExecute privilege.
Settings (Settings tab)
iWD.Settings.canView X X X
iWD.Categories.canView X X X Requires iWD.Categories.canRead privilege.
iWD.Categories.canRead X X X
iWD.Categories.canUpdate X
iWD.Prioritization.canView X X X Requires iWD.Prioritization.canRead privilege.
iWD.Prioritization.canRead X X X
iWD.Prioritization.canUpdate X
iWD.Endpoints.canView X X X Requires iWD.Endpoints.canRead privilege.
iWD.Endpoints.canRead X X X
iWD.Endpoints.canUpdate X