Roles and privileges for Workload Manager users

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Understand, assign and edit the access privileges of the different Workload Manager users (roles). Genesys Professional Services configure roles and privileges initially, using the default values described in this page.

Privilege name Roles
IWD Business User IWD Supervisor IWD User Notes
Work items (Universal Queue tab in Workload Manager)
iWD.Workitems.canView X X X Requires iWD.Workitems.Search.canExecute privilege.
iWD.Workitems.canRead X X X
iWD.Workitems.canDelete X X
iWD.Workitems.canUpdate X X
iWD.Workitems.canCreate X
iWD.Workitems.BulkActions.canExecute X
iWD.Workitems.Activate.canExecute X X
iWD.Workitems.Search.canExecute X X X
iWD.Workitems.Export.canExecute X
iWD.Workitems.Hold.canExecute X X
iWD.Workitems.Cancel.canExecute X X
iWD.Workitems.Resume.canExecute X X Only Held work items can be resumed.
iWD.Workitems.Restart.canExecute X X
Dashboard (Dashboards tab)
iWD.Dashboard.canView X X X Requires iWD.Workitems.Search.canExecute privilege.
Configuration (Configuration tab)
iWD.Settings.canView X X X
iWD.Categories.canView X X X Requires iWD.Categories.canRead privilege.
iWD.Categories.canRead X X X
iWD.Categories.canUpdate X
iWD.Prioritization.canView X X X Requires iWD.Prioritization.canRead privilege.
iWD.Prioritization.canRead X X X
iWD.Prioritization.canUpdate X
iWD.Endpoints.canView X X X Requires iWD.Endpoints.canRead privilege.
iWD.Endpoints.canRead X X X
iWD.Endpoints.canUpdate X
iWD.Mailboxes.canView X X X
iWD.Mailboxes.canRead X X
iWD.Mailboxes.canUpdate X Requires iWD.Mailboxes.canRead privilege.
iWD.Filters.canView X X X
iWD.Filters.canRead X X X
iWD.Filters.canUpdate X X Requires iWD.Filters.canRead privilege.
  • Read privilege indicates that the user can make a database query.
  • View privilege indicates ability to view in the user interface.
  • Role definitions:
    • IWD User: View-only. No access to edit functions.
    • IWD Supervisor: Manages a small team of agents in a business unit. Can make changes to work items.
    • IWD Business User: Manages all business specific configuration: Categories, Endpoints, Mailboxes, but not submitter, setup or webhooks.
    • IWD Administrator (not shown above): Genesys Professional Services only.
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