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This topic is part of the manual Designer Private Edition Guide for version Current of Designer.

Learn how to configure log levels for Designer and DAS.

Designer and DAS support console output (stdout) logging. Genesys recommends configuring console output logging to minimize the host IOPs and PVCs consumption by using log volumes. Console output logs can be extracted using log collectors like fluentbit/fluentd and Elasticsearch.

Ensure the below setttings are configured in the respective values.yaml overrides for console logging:

  1. Designer
    designerEnv.envs.DES_FILE_LOGGING_ENABLED = false
  2. DAS
    dasEnv.envs.DAS_FILE_LOGGING_ENABLED = falsedasEnv.envs.DAS_STDOUT_LOGGING_ENABLE = true

Log levels

Post deployment, Designer and DAS log levels can be modified as follows:


  1. Configure the logging setting in the flowsettings override (flowsettings.yaml) - Refer to the table in the Post deployment Designer configuration settings section for option descriptions.
  2. Execute the steps in the Updating the flowsettings file section in Post deployment procedures for the changes to take effect .


  1. Configure the dasEnv.envs.DAS_LOG_LEVEL setting in the Helm das-values.yaml file. For setting descriptions, refer to the DAS deployment settings section in Deployment configuration settings.
  2. Execute the steps in the Upgrade section in the DAS deployment process for the Blue-Green strategy. The same DAS version running in production can be used for the upgrade,
  3. Execute the steps in the Cutover section in the DAS deployment process for the Blue-Green strategy.
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