High availability and disaster recovery

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This topic is part of the manual Designer Private Edition Guide for version Current of Designer.

Find out how this service provides disaster recovery in the event the service goes down.

NameHigh AvailabilityDisaster RecoveryWhere can you host this service?

N = N (N+1)
N = 2 (active-active)

Pilot light

Primary unit only

Designer Application Server

N = N (N+1)
N = 2 (active-active)


Primary or secondary unit

See High Availability information for all services: High availability and disaster recovery

Designer and DAS must be deployed as highly available in order to avoid single points of failure. A minimum of 2 replicas of each service must be deployed to achieve HA.

The Designer and DAS service pods can be automatically scaled up or down based on metrics such as CPU and memory utilization. The Deployment configuration settings section provides more information on configuring HA and auto-scaling.

The pilot-light DR or multi-region pattern for the Designer service is supported only for the primary region.

Refer to the Genesys Docker Deployment Guide for more information on general HA recommendation for Kubernetes.

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