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This topic is part of the manual Designer Private Edition Guide for version Current of Designer.

Learn about Designer and how it works in Genesys Multicloud CX private edition.


The Designer service provides a web UI to build and manage VXML and SCXML based self-service and assisted service applications for a number of media types. It stores data on the local file system and is synchronized across instances by using services like Network File System (NFS). Genesys customers can build applications using a simple drag and drop method, and assign contact points (Route Points and other media endpoints) to applications directly from the Designer UI. Insights into runtime behavior of applications and troubleshooting aid is provided by Designer Analytics, which includes a rich set of dashboards based on session detail records (SDR) from data stored in Elasticsearch.

Designer offers the following features:

  • Applications for working with phone, chat, email, SMS (text messages), Facebook, Twitter, and open media types.
  • Bots, ASR, TTS capabilities for self-service.
  • Assisted service or routing.
  • Callback.
  • Business Controls.
  • Audio, message management.
  • Grammars management.
  • Contact points management - route points, chat end points, email pop-client/mailboxes.
  • Analytics dashboards through embedded Kibana.

Designer is an Express/Node.js application. The UI is designed using Angular powered Bootstrap. Application data (SCXML and VXML) is stored as a file system. Designer Analytics and Audit data is stored in Elasticsearch.

Designer Application Server (DAS)

Designer Application Server (DAS) hosts and serves the Designer generated application files (SCXML and VXML), audio, and grammars. It also provides:

  • Runtime evaluation of Business Controls (business hours, special days, emergency flags and data tables).
  • Callback interface to GES.

DAS uses built-in NGINX to front requests. It consists of 3 modules: NGINX, PHP, and Node.js.

  • Requests for static workspace content (SCXML, VXML, JS, audio, grammar, etc) are handled by the NGINX module.
  • Requests for PHP content are processed by the FastCGI PHP module.
  • SDR (Analytics) processing requests are handled by the DAS Node.js module.
Files generated by Designer can be served only by DAS. Designer will work only with DAS.

Supported Kubernetes platforms

The Designer and DAS services are supported on the following Kubernetes platforms:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

See the Designer Release Notes for information about when support was introduced.

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