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Find out what to do before deploying the Tenant Service.

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Limitations and assumptions

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Download the Helm charts

For information about how to download the Helm charts, see Downloading your Genesys Multicloud CX containers.


The Tenant Service has the following containers:

  • Core tenant service container
  • Database initialization and upgrade container
  • Role and privileges¬† initialization and upgrade container
  • Solution specific: pulse provisioning container

Helm charts

  • Tenant deployment
  • Tenant infrastructure

Third-party prerequisites

For information about setting up your Genesys Multicloud CX private edition platform, see Software Requirements.

The following table lists the third-party prerequisites for the Tenant Service.

Third-party services
Name Version Purpose Notes
Kafka 2.x Message bus.
Consul 1.9.5 - 1.9.x Service discovery, service mesh, and key/value store.
Redis 6.x Used for caching. Only distributions of Redis that support Redis cluster mode are supported, however, some services may not support cluster mode.
PostgreSQL 11.x Relational database.NOTE: Genesys currently supports PostgreSQL 10.x for the Tenant Service. Testing is underway to confirm full support for version 11.x.

The PostgreSQL database is required for a Tenant Service. You can obtain the database credentials using one of the following methods:

  • Create its own PostgreSQL DB for a Tenant Service.
  • Use the shared PostgreSQL DB, which is recommended in the OpenShift platform.

Deploy a PostgreSQL database using the following commands:

helm repo add bitnami
helm install -n voice t100postgres bitnami/postgresql

Storage requirements

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Network requirements

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Browser requirements

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Genesys dependencies

For detailed information about the correct order of services deployment, see Order of services deployment.

The following prerequisites are required before deploying the Tenant Service:

  • Voice Platform and all its external dependencies must be deployed before proceeding with the Tenant Service deployment.
  • PostgreSQL 10 database management system must be deployed and database shall be allocated either as a primary or replica. For more information about the sample deployment of a standalone DBMS, see Third-party prerequisites.

In addition, if you expect to use Agent Setup or Workspace Web Edition after the tenant is deployed, Genesys recommends that you deploy GWS Authentication Service before proceeding with the Tenant Service deployment.

Specific dependencies

The Tenant Service is dependent on the following platform endpoints:

  • GWS environment API
  • Interaction service core
  • Interaction service vq

The Tenant Service is dependent on the following service component endpoints:

  • Voice Front End Service
  • Voice Redis (RQ) Service
  • Voice Config Service

GDPR support

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