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This topic is part of the manual IWD Data Mart Private Edition Guide for version Current of Intelligent Workload Distribution.

Find out what to do before deploying IWD Data Mart.

Limitations and assumptions

The current version of IWD Data Mart:

  • works as a short-living job started on schedule
  • does not support scaling or HA
  • requires dedicated PostgreSQL deployment per customer

IWD Data Mart is a short-living job, so Prometheus metrics cannot be pulled. Therefore, it requires a standalone Pushgateway service for monitoring.

Download the Helm charts

IWD Data Mart in Genesys Multicloud CX private edition includes the following containers:

  • iwd_dm_cloud

The service also includes a Helm chart, which you must deploy to install the required containers for IWD Data Mart:

  • iwddm-cronjob

See Helm Charts and Containers for IWD and IWD Data Mart for the Helm chart version you must download for your release.

To download the Helm chart, navigate to the iwddm-cronjob folder in the JFrog repository. For information about how to download the Helm charts, see Downloading your Genesys Multicloud CX containers.

Third-party prerequisites

Third-party services
Name Version Purpose Notes
PostgreSQL 11.x Relational database.
A container image registry and Helm chart repository Used for downloading Genesys containers and Helm charts into the customer's repository to support a CI/CD pipeline. You can use any Docker OCI compliant registry.

Storage requirements

All data is stored in PostgreSQL, which is external to the IWD Data Mart.

Network requirements

Not applicable

Browser requirements

Not applicable

Genesys dependencies

Intelligent Workload Distribution (IWD) with a provisioned tenant.

For the order in which the Genesys services must be deployed, refer to the Order of services deployment topic in the Setting up Genesys Multicloud CX private edition document.

GDPR support

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