Troubleshooting Gplus Adapter Integration with Salesforce

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If you are having issues with Gplus Adapter integration with Salesforce, you can try some of these solutions.

Expanded troubleshooting notifications

To troubleshoot Salesforce Client API saveLog() method errors, Gplus Adapter can display notifications. To fix saveLog() method errors, validate your Salesforce configuration, and ensure that the interaction data matches your Salesforce configuration.

The following are examples of Salesforce error notifications when the Salesforce saveLog() method is called:
  • Mismatch between the name of the field in custom field mapping and Salesforce field label for Activity object.

    GAPI 900 Gplus Field Mismatch Error.png

  • When interaction userData type does not match Salesforce object custom field data type.

    GAPI 900 Gplus Type Mismatch Error.png

  • When Salesforce Object validation rule formula results in an error.

    GAPI 900 Gplus Object Doesnt Match Error.png

To configure troubleshooting and confirmation notifications, in the Agent Annex or Agent Group Annex, create the salesforce.debug-notifications key in the crm-adapter section and set the value to true.