Troubleshooting Gplus Adapter Integration with Salesforce

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If you are having issues with Gplus Adapter integration with Salesforce, you can try some of these solutions.

Expanded troubleshooting notifications

To configure troubleshooting and confirmation notifications, in the Agent Annex or Agent Group Annex, create the salesforce.debug-notifications key in the crm-adapter section and set the value to true.

Salesforce Client API saveLog() method error Notifications

To troubleshoot Salesforce Client API saveLog() method errors, Gplus Adapter can display notifications. To fix saveLog() method errors, validate your Salesforce configuration, and ensure that the interaction data matches your Salesforce configuration.

The following are examples of Salesforce error notifications when the Salesforce saveLog() method is called:
  • Mismatch between the name of the field in custom field mapping and Salesforce field label for Activity object.

    GAPI 900 Gplus Field Mismatch Error.png

  • When interaction userData type does not match Salesforce object custom field data type.

    GAPI 900 Gplus Type Mismatch Error.png

  • When Salesforce Object validation rule formula results in an error.

    GAPI 900 Gplus Object Doesnt Match Error.png

Expanded screen pop events notifications

For troubleshooting purposes, you can configure Gplus Adapter to display the same notifications in Agent Workspace when Screen Pop events are successful or unsuccessful. To enable this feature, in the Agent Annex or Agent Group Annex, create the salesforce.debug-notifications key in the crm-adapter section and set the value to true. Refer to Gplus Adapter screen pops for information about the screen pop search process and options.

This screenshot provides an example of a confirmation notification:

GPA 900 Screen Pop Notification Sample.png

The notifications follow this basic form:

Media type

If the interaction media type is available, Gplus Adapter displays the ANI, DNIS, email address, and so on, in this line. For voice interactions, the phone number that is displayed is dependent on the options configured in Agent Setup.

userData KVP match

The user Data KVP match lines provides information about whether Gplus Adapter found key names in the interaction userData that matched id_, cti_, or a KVP specified by the RegEx to Match UserData option in Agent Setup.

Salesforce search result

Gplus Adapter displays the number of matching records found and record type and name information based on the Salesforce record search.

Finding your notifications in Agent Workspace

In Agent Workspace, notifications display for a short time. To access all the notifications, open the Agent Workspace Notifications view from the Side Bar.

Gplus information in browser log

crm-adapter option browser log messages

For troubleshooting purposes, Gplus Adapter writes the list of all agent level crm-adapter option settings to the browser log.

To find the list of configured Gplus Adapter options, search the log for the following string: Gplus Adapter options

Screen Pop browser log messages

Gplus Adapter also automatically writes messages to the browser log when Screen Pop events are successful or unsuccessful, showing all the search results that Gplus found in the interaction media type, the interaction userData, and the Salesforce records database. The messages helps you to identify the root cause when a Screen Pop is unsuccessful.

To find the Screen Pop browser log message, search the log for the following string: Screen Pop processing

The following is an example of a browser log message for a successful Screen Pop:

2022-08-16 14:04:41.230 [DEBUG] [WWE.Main.Application] Screen Pop processing:
ANI = 647401
KVP matching cti_ found in interaction userData:
cti_LastName = Clinton

Salesforce search returned 1 record:
Type: Contact
Name: Willard Clinton
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