Integrating Gplus Adapter in Classic

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The steps to setup and access Gplus Adapter in Salesforce Classic.

For information about integrating Gplus Adapter in Lightning, go here.

Migrating Gplus Adapter 8.5 for Salesforce Classic to 9.0

If you are migrating from Gplus Adapter 8.5 for Salesforce, follow these steps:

  1. If you already have a Salesforce Call Center for Gplus Adapter 8.5, clone the Call Center.
  2. Follow the steps in the Configuring Salesforce for Gplus Adapter procedure (skip the Installing Gplus Adapter in Salesforce Classic procedure).
  3. After you configure your Salesforce Call Center, follow the migration procedure in Migrating to Gplus Adapter (v9).

Installing Gplus Adapter in Salesforce Classic

  1. Open the following URL to install the latest Genesys Gplus Adapter (v9) for Salesforce package in Salesforce:

    If you're not logged in, Salesforce prompts for your username and password.

  2. Now you should see the Install Genesys Gplus Adapter for Salesforce page. Select an installation type. Generally, you should select Grant access to all users, but if you want to limit access to Gplus Adapter to specific profiles, then you can choose Install for Specific Profiles .... Click Install.


  3. When you see the "Installation Complete!" message, click Done.


    You should be redirected to the Installed Packages page, with "Genesys Gplus for Salesforce" included in the list.


Configuring Salesforce for Gplus Adapter

Complete this procedure to define your call center in Salesforce. The call center was created when you installed the Gplus Adapter for Salesforce package as part of Installing Gplus Adapter in Salesforce Classic.

  1. If you haven't already, login to Salesforce and go to Setup > Build > Customize > Call Center > Call Centers. Or, you can search for "Call Centers" in the Search All Setup field and select the "Call Centers" result. You should see the Introducing Salesforce CRM Call Center page. Note: You must have administrator privileges.

  2. You can select Don't show me this page again if you want to hide the page in the future, and click Continue.

  3. On the All Call Centers page, click Edit next to the Genesys Gplus for Salesforce entry.

  4. In the CTI Adapter URL field, replace the text with the following URL:

    https://<your company domain name>/ui/crm-workspace/index.html

    You'll need to change <your company domain name> to the correct domain name provided by Genesys. For example:

  5. To ensure that Gplus Adapter displays correctly, adjust the Softphone Height and Softphone Width to larger numbers (for example, 450 by 800 pixels).

    You should leave the other options at their default values so Gplus Adapter works correctly in Salesforce.

    If you ran an upgrade instead of an install, your previous Call Center parameters are preserved.


  6. Click Save.

  7. Click Manage Call Center Users and then click Add users.


  8. On the Search for New Users page, you can enter search criteria to find users. Select the ones you want to be able to use Gplus Adapter and click Add to Call Center.


    Your selected users are added to the list. You can remove a user on this page at any time.


  9. To access Gplus Adapter in Salesforce Console, click the phone icon in the bottom-right corner.

    GAPI 900 GplusADServiceCloud Classic.png

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