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This manual is for version Current of Gplus Adapter for Salesforce.

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Article Description
Article Description
Activity History Activity history entries are created by Gplus Adapter in Salesforce at the end of a call, chat, SMS, email, open media interaction, or an outbound campaign call.
Click-to-Dial Click-to-dial enables agents to dial a phone number directly from Salesforce phone fields. Based on the pre-processing rules defined in Agent Setup, Adapter formats the selected phone number and then dials it. These configurations are often helpful while dialing an international number. Agents see the formatted phone number in the screen pop.
Configuring and Using General Features Gplus Adapter integrates Genesys interaction handling capabilities into Salesforce. The Adapter window is accessed through the Adapter button in the Salesforce Utility Bar. The Adapter window displays agent status at all times. The Adapter window can be docked, undocked, moved, resized, minimized, and maximized. Some Genesys interactions events cause the Adapter window to be maximized automatically.
Configuring SSO You can configure Gplus Adapter to use either your own IDP or Salesforce as an IDP.
Gplus Adapter for Salesforce (v9) Genesys Multicloud CX offers Gplus Adapter functionality to integrate Genesys contact center interactions within the Salesforce environment.
Gplus Adapter support for Service Client API Gplus Adapter supports the Genesys Service Client API, which you can use for custom features.
Integrating Gplus Adapter in Classic The steps to setup and access Gplus Adapter in Salesforce Classic.
Integrating Gplus Adapter in Lightning The steps to setup and access Gplus Adapter in Salesforce Lightning.
Migrating to Gplus Adapter (v9) Follow this procedure to migrate your existing Gplus Adapter 8.5 to Gplus Adapter 9.0 for Salesforce.
Screen Pop Screen pop displays a relevant record or a search results list from Salesforce to support agents when they are handling interactions.
Troubleshooting Gplus Adapter Integration with Salesforce If you are having issues with Gplus Adapter integration with Salesforce, you can try some of these solutions.

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