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Click-to-dial enables agents to dial a phone number directly from Salesforce phone fields. Based on the pre-processing rules defined in Agent Setup, Adapter formats the selected phone number and then dials it. These configurations are often helpful while dialing an international number. Agents see the formatted phone number in the screen pop.

Gplus Adapter can enable the Click-to-Dial feature in Salesforce. Use the Click to Dial option in Agent Setup to enable or disable Gplus Adapter click-to-dial regardless of whether Click-to-Dial is enabled in Salesforce.

Preprocessing rules for international dialing

Gplus Adapter can apply custom preprocessing rules that you define on click-to-dial requests to adjust the format of phone numbers or Automatic_Number_Identification for international dialing.

For international numbers, Gplus Adapter uses the preprocessing rules you set up to evaluate the phone number it receives from Salesforce to determine if a prefix should be added before making the dial request. This is helpful when local numbers are stored in Salesforce records, but dialing prefixes are required to dial the call. Configure preprocessing rules by using the Click to Dial Preprocessing Rules setting in Agent Setup. For example, you can configure a preprocessing rule to add a "+1" prefix to the phone number being dialed.

Choose one of these settings:

  • None: By default no phone number preprocessing rule is applied.
  • Default: The default preprocessing rules are as follows:
    • If the phone number is 10 digits, add +1.
    • If the phone number is 11 digits, add +.
    • If the phone is greater than 11 digits and doesn't start with 011, add 011.
  • Add...: Name and define your own preprocessing rule. Each preprocessing rule is defined by the four following parameters:
    • Display Name: The name of the preprocessing rule.
    • RegEx: A RegEx that defines the condition to be matched.
    • Prefix: The prefix to be added to the phone number if the expression is matched.
    • Description: A short description of the rule.

Here's how the default rules are configured:

  • Display Name: preprocessing-rule-10-digit-US-numbers
  • RegEx: ^[0-9]{10}$
  • Prefix: +1
  • Description: If the number has 10 digits, add +1.
  • Display Name: preprocessing-rule-11-digit-US-numbers
  • RegEx: ^[0-9]{11}$
  • Prefix: +
  • Description: If the number has 11 digits, add +.
  • Display Name: preprocessing-rule-international-numbers
  • RegEx: ^(?!011)[0-9]{8,}$
  • Prefix: 011
  • Description: If the number has more than 11 digits and does not start with 011, add 011
Adapter runs each rule in sequence until it finds a match and adds the prefix. No further rules are executed.

Gplus Adapter integration with Salesforce High Velocity Sales

Gplus Adapter supports Salesforce Sales Cadence in Salesforce High Velocity Sales (HVS). In Salesforce Lightning, you must first enable HVS and setup Salesforce Cadences and Branch Steps, including defining Call Results for branching in Salesforce.

Users use click-to-dial on a Salesforce object to initiate the call workflow in a Salesforce Sales Cadence and handle the call in Gplus Adapter.

While handling an interaction, users must select the Disposition Code in Gplus Adapter that matches the Salesforce Call Result. The names of Call Results in the Salesforce Sales Cadence must exactly match the name of the Genesys Multicloud CX Disposition Codes to initiate branching in the Sales Cadence.

The video presents an example of how to integrate Gplus Adapter with Salesforce HVS.
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