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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Callback Private Edition Guide for version Current of Callback.

Learn about Genesys Callback architecture.

For information about the full Genesys Multicloud CX private edition architecture, see Architecture.

For architecture information about GES in relation to the Voice Microservices, including the Tenant Service, see the Voice Microservices Private Edition Guide and the Tenant Service Private Edition Guide.

The following diagram shows the Genesys Engagement Service architecture. There must be at least two GES nodes spread across availability zones, forming a single service for load balancing and high availability.

Configure Redis as primary-replica, non-clustered, single-shard distributed across availability zones. There is a primary node for read-write and one read-only replica, which is a standby in case the primary node experiences a failure.

The following table provides information about the objects and connections shown in the preceding architecture diagram.


reference number

Port number
1 443
2 443
3 443
4 443
5 443
6 443
7 3005
8 8095
9 8092
10 8091
11 9098
12 5580
13 3050
14 6379
15 5432
16 3050
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