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This topic is part of the manual Workspace Web Edition Private Edition Guide for version Current of Agent Workspace.

Find out what to do before deploying Workspace Web Edition.

Limitations and assumptions

There are no limitations or assumptions related to the deployment.

Download the Helm charts

The Workspace Web Edition Helm charts are included in the Genesys Web Services (GWS) Helm charts. You can access them when you download the GWS Helm charts from JFrog using your credentials.

See Helm charts and containers for Genesys Web Services and Applications for the Helm chart version you must download for your release.

For information about downloading Genesys Helm charts from JFrog Edge, refer to this article: Downloading your Genesys Multicloud CX containers.

Third-party prerequisites

Not applicable

Storage requirements

There are no specific storage requirements for Workspace Web Edition.

Network requirements

Network requirements include:

  • Required properties for ingress:
    • Cookies usage: None
    • Header requirements - client IP & redirect,  passthrough: None
    • Session stickiness: None
    • Allowlisting - optional: None
    • TLS for ingress - optional (you can enable or disable TLS on the connection): Though annotation like any UI or API in the solution
  • Cross-region bandwidth: N/A
  • External connections from the Kubernetes cluster to other systems: N/A
  • WAF Rules (specific only for services handling internet traffic): N/A
  • Pod Security Policy: N/A
  • High-Availability/Disaster Recovery: Refer to High availability and disaster recovery
  • TLS/SSL Certificate configurations: No specific requirements

Browser requirements

You can use any of the supported browsers to run Agent Workspace on the client side.

Genesys dependencies

Mandatory Dependencies

The following services must be deployed and running before deploying the WWE service. For more information, refer to Order of services deployment.

  • Genesys Authentication Service:
    • A redirect must be configured in Auth/Environment to allow an agent to login from the WWE URL. The redirect should be configured in the Auth onboarding script, according to the DNS assigned to the WWE service.
  • GWS services:
    • The CORS rules for WWE URLs must be configured in GWS. This should be configured in the GWS onboarding script, according to the DNS assigned to the WWE service.
    • The GWS API URL should be specified at the WWE deployment time as part of the Helm values.
  • TLM service:
    • The CORS rules for the domain where WWE is declared must be configured in Telemetry Service (TLM). For example:

Optional Dependencies

Depending on the deployed architecture, the following services must be deployed and running before deploying the WWE service:

  • WebRTC Service: To allow WebRTC in the browser
  • Telemetry Service: To allow browser observability (metrics and logs)

Miscellaneous desktop-side optional dependencies

The following software must or might be deployed on agent workstations to allow agents to leverage the WWE service:

  • Mandatory: A browser referenced in the supported browser list.
  • Optional: Genesys Softphone: a SIP or WebRTC softphone to handle the voice channel of agents.

GDPR support

Workspace Web Edition does not have specific GDPR support.

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