How to configure the Gplus Adapter

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This section explains how to set up the Gplus Adapter for ServiceNow.

Deploy the Connector System Update Set in ServiceNow

To install the System Update Set, you should perform the following steps:

GASN import update set.png

  • Choose and upload the XML file provided by Genesys.

GASN upload xml file.png

  • After importing the file, click Preview Update Set and then Commit Update Set.

At this stage, the CTI-Connector-ServiceNow application is deployed and visible after clicking the System Applications menu and then Application.

Configure the OpenFrame page in ServiceNow

Follow this procedure to configure the OpenFrame page in ServiceNow:

  • Enter the OpenFrame menu.

GASN enter openframe menu.png

If the OpenFrame menu is not visible, it means the Customer Service plugin is missing. Before performing the following steps, the OpenFrame plugin must be installed. To enable the OpenFrame menu, check Enable OpenFrame menu in ServiceNow.
  • Fill the URL field with the following one:

GASN fill url field.png

  • Add the following parameters in the configuration tab:
{"instance": "https://localhost:7777", "branding": "genesys_logo.png", "language": "en-US", "screenpopnew": false, "defaultEntity": "sn_customerservice_case", "defaultContact": "customer_contact"}
Key Value Description
Screenpopnew default: false Search for associated Cases or Incidents for every new interaction:
  • Presence of one Case/Incident: entity is opened.
  • Presence of several Cases/Incidents: list is displayed.
  • Absence of Cases/Incidents: new Case/Incident is created.
defaultEntity possible values:
  • sn_customerservice_case
  • incident
  • sn_customerservice_case: default entity is Case.
  • incident: default entity is Incident.
defaultContact default: customer_contact

possible values:

  • customer_contact
  • sys_user
  • customer_contact: search for Contacts in customer_contact table (typically applies to Cases).
  • sys_user: search for Contacts in sys_user table (typically applies to Incidents).
  • Assign the "sn_openframe_user" role to any user or group that will use the Gplus Adapter.

Configure the Gplus Adapter CSS images

Follow this procedure to configure the CSS images for the Gplus Adapter.

  • Open ServiceNow Studio.
  • Select the Gplus-Adapter-ServiceNow application.
  • Choose the required file in the left-hand panel.

GASN 31 left-hand panel.png

  • Select iwstoolbar.css and click Manage Attachment.

GASN 32 manage attachment.png

  • Choose the files in the Attachments folder provided with the installation package as shown in the image below.

GASN 33 attachments installation package.png

  • To retrieve the CSS code snippet, rename the ServiceNow instance adding "/" in its end (https://<servicenowinstance>

GASN 34 retrieve css code snippet.png

  • Replace the code into the iwstoolbar.css style under the /* replace area start */ tag in ServiceNow Studio.

GASN 35 replace code.png

  • Click Update to save the configuration.

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