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Screen pops display a relevant record from ServiceNow when agents receive or make calls.

The out-of-the-box use cases are deployed with the XML file configuration as described in the Gplus Adapter installation in ServiceNow. However, if they do not fit your requirements, you can customize them. To learn more on this topic, continue reading.

How screen pop records are retrieved

Before you manage and customize them, get familiar with how screen pop records are selected and displayed to agents. Here is how they typically work in an out-of-the-box scenario.

When a call is established, a search based on the Automatic Number Identification (ANI) is automatically launched. If an associated contact is found, a screen pop is triggered inside ServiceNow: the contact detail form opens and displays the data. Simultaneously, an Activity History of type Call containing all information about that inbound our outbound interaction is automatically created in ServiceNow and made available on the related contact's landing page.

See Activity History to learn more about these records.

Screen pops configuration

In ServiceNow, screen pop configuration is based on the following JavaScript files, which implement the out-of-the-box scenario for different fields:

  • x_sofin_gplus_adap.iwsscriptWWE: Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) events that can be captured by the Adapter.
  • x_sofin_gplus_adap.iwsutilWWE: implementation of the events mentioned in the previous point.

For screen pop customization, continue to the next paragraph.

Screen pops customization

To create new screen pop scenarios in ServiceNow, you have to modify the above-mentioned files. Follow this procedure.

  • Open the ServiceNow Studio.
  • Select the Gplus-Adapter-ServiceNow application.
  • Select x_sofin_gplus_adap.iwsscriptWWE or x_sofin_gplus_adap.iwsutilWWE in the left-hand panel and modify the code as required.
  • Click Save to finalize the procedure.
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