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Concepts and procedures relevant to contact center administrators to implement the Gplus Adapter for ServiceNow.

The integrated solution presents a complete customer view allowing your contact center agents to service your customers.

See Prerequisites and browser support for a list of the Adapter’s preconditions and supported browsers.

Classic UI and Agent Workspace

The Gplus Adapter for ServiceNow equally works with ServiceNow Classic UI and Agent Workspace. Watch the videos featured in Get started with Gplus Adapter for an overview.

How do I install the Adapter in ServiceNow?

You can set up the Gplus Adapter by following the procedure described in How to install the Gplus Adapter.

How do I access the Adapter?

Using the ServiceNow OpenFrame plugin, the Adapter is loaded and displayed during the ServiceNow login sequence. Log in to your ServiceNow account, then continue logging in to the Adapter with Genesys credentials.

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