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Click-to-call makes outbound calls easier.

The click-to-call feature enables to automatically dial a call when clicking a phone number in ServiceNow.

Customize the outbound-call scenario

Unlike screen pop customization, to customize the outbound-call scenario you must handle an additional file:

  • x_sofin_gplus_adap_clicktocall.

Follow this procedure to configure the click-to-call feature inside ServiceNow:

  • Open the Contact form and then the Contact menu.
  • Select Configure and click Table.

GASN configure and table.png

  • Search for the phone fields as shown in the image below.

GASN search phone fields.png

  • Select one field among the proposed phone-number fields.

GANS select phone field.png

  • Go to Default Value and add the following attribute in the related box:
field_decoration= x_sofin_gplus_adap_clicktocall
GASN add attribute.png
If the Attributes box is not visible, select Advanced view as shown below.
GASN advanced view.png

Enable the click-to-call feature on reference fields

You now have to configure the Adapter click-to-call feature inside ServiceNow for the lookup/reference field. In fact, by default, ServiceNow provides some macros to enable the click-to-call feature on reference fields as well.

The following macros are available:

  • show_phone
    • Requires the OpenFrame plugin activation.
    • Configure the Unique Interface (UI) macro using the ref_contribution parameter to display a phone icon next to the sys_user reference field. The icon is only shown if the phone field in the sys_user record is populated with a phone number.
  • show_phone_customer_service
    • Requires Customer Service Management and OpenFrame plugins activation.
    • Configure the Unique Inyerface (UI) macro using the ref_contribution parameter to display a phone icon next to the Contact customer_account reference field in the case form. The icon is only displayed if the phone field in the Contact customer_account record is populated with a phone number.

It is possible to enable one of these macros on reference fields (such as Caller in an Incident, or Contact in a Case). They will display the phone icon next to the field, as shown below, only if the reference field has at least one telephone number.

GASN phone icon displayed.png

If you are not able to see che phone icon next to a telephone-number field, make sure you own administrator’s privileges.

Clicking the phone icon, a list of the Contact’s available phone numbers is displayed.

To allow these macros to work with the Adapter and start a call with a click, you first need to edit them. Follow these steps:

  • Search for the show_phone macro and open it.
  • Go to the row named createInteractionData.opened_for=p.attr('data-caller-id').
  • Remove the GlideAjax section as shown below (adding comments).
                    var ga = new GlideAjax('global.CTIAjaxUtility'); 
                    ga.addParam('sysparm_name', 'createInteractionWithPropertyCheck'); 
                    ga.addParam('context', JSON.stringify(createInteractionData)); 
                    ga.getXML(function(serverResponse) { 
                        var result = serverResponse.responseXML.getElementsByTagName("result"); 
                        var output = JSON.parse(result[0].getAttribute("data")); 
                        if(output.status == "success"){ 
                            var interaction = {"entity": "interaction", "query" :"sys_id="+output.fields.interactionSysId, "value":output.fields.number, "label":"Interaction", "display":false}; 
                        var context = {"payload": payload, "method" : "openframe_communication" }; 
                        jslog("context with interaction : "+ JSON.stringify(context)); 
                        CustomEvent.fireAll("openframe_request", context); 

  • Replace the previous section with the following snippet:
var payload = {"type": "OUTGOING_CALL", "data" : data, "action":"makecall", "number":p.attr('data-caller-phone'), "attributes": {"ACTIVITY_ID": p.attr('data-task-id'), "ENTITY_TYPE": p.attr('data-task-table'), "CONTACT_ID":p.attr('data-caller-id')}}; 
var context = {"payload": payload, "method" : "openframe_communication" }; 
CustomEvent.fireAll("openframe_request", context);

  • Click Save.

To conclude and enable this, you must associate the macro to ref_contributions: open the Incident table, search for Caller and insert ref_contributions=show_phone or ref_contributions=show_phone_customer_service in the Attribute field.

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