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This topic is part of the manual Operations for version Current of Genesys Multicloud CX Private Edition.

Sample Kibana queries to find logs

Here are some sample queries for you to understand what information could be searched for in Kibana. The search is specific to the values in the query. It returns the log messages that matches the query.

Query 1: To return podname , namespace , and container name

kubernetes.pod_name:"t100-0" AND kubernetes.namespace_name:"voice" AND kubernetes.container_name.raw:"tenant"


Query 2: Any string and logs listed with the string



Query 3: Any combination with service, service name, instance , name , version, any value available in the logs

"service=ixn" AND "servicename=ixn-vqnode"


Query3.pngQuery 4: CallUUID is consistent across interactions

kubernetes.pod_name."voice-sip-0" AND kubernetes.namespace_name."voice" AND kubernetes.container_name.raw."voice-sip" AND "CallUUID.00E5IM3D048KVE8LFG1862LAES0001SP"


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