Upgrade, rollback, or uninstall Telemetry Service

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This topic is part of the manual Telemetry Service Private Edition Guide for version Current of Telemetry Service.

Learn how to upgrade, rollback, or uninstall Telemetry Service.

Upgrade Telemetry Service

Telemetry Service supports a Rolling Update strategy to upgrade its services. To upgrade Telemetry services, first override the Helm chart values.

Next, run the following command to upgrade:

helm upgrade --version <new_helm_chart_version> -f values.yaml telemetry-service ./tlm

Rollback Telemetry Service

To roll back Telemetry Services, use the helm rollback command:

helm rollback telemetry-service

To roll back to a specific version of Telemetry Services, you can use either the helm rollback command or the helm upgrade command.

  • helm rollback telemetry-service <revision-number>
  • helm upgrade --version <previous_version> -f previous-values.yaml telemetry-service ./tlm

Uninstall Telemetry Service

To uninstall the Telemetry service:

helm uninstall telemetry-service -n tlm
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