Upgrade, rollback, or uninstall Telemetry Service

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This topic is part of the manual Telemetry Service Private Edition Guide for version Current of Telemetry Service.

Learn how to upgrade, rollback, or uninstall Telemetry Service.

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Upgrade Telemetry Service

Telemetry Service supports a Rolling Update strategy to upgrade its services. To upgrade Telemetry services, first override the Helm chart values.

Next, run the following command to upgrade:

helm upgrade --version <new_helm_chart_version> -f values.yaml telemetry-service ./tlm

Rollback Telemetry Service

To roll back Telemetry Services, use the helm rollback command:

helm rollback telemetry-service

To roll back to a specific version of Telemetry Services, you can use either the helm rollback command or the helm upgrade command.

  • helm rollback telemetry-service <revision-number>
  • helm upgrade --version <previous_version> -f previous-values.yaml telemetry-service ./tlm

Uninstall Telemetry Service

To uninstall the Telemetry service:

helm uninstall telemetry-service -n tlm
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