How to handle outbound calls

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All you need to know to manage outgoing calls.

Besides receiving incoming calls, you can equally perform outbound interactions. However, you can only make outgoing calls to records already existing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Unified Service Desk (USD). If you want to call a brand-new contact, you need first to register it within the CRM.

You can make outbound calls just clicking the phone icon next to the selected contact telephone number. For more information about the click-to-call feature, see The click-to-call feature.

Click-to-call phone icon displayed next to a contact’s telephone number

When the outbound call connects, you receive a Microsoft Dynamics 365 or USD screen pop with an outgoing Activity History of type Call.

Screen pop of an outgoing Activity History of type Call

To learn more about screen pops and Activity History records, see What are screen pops and Activity History for interactions.

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