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The Gplus Adapter works with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Unified Service Desk (USD) Activity History records by adding details about the interactions you handle.

The screen pop you receive when you accept or make a call equally creates a new Activity History of type Call.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 with CIF version 2.0, this Activity History of type Call is also shown in another tab of the active session. For further information on session and application tab panels, check Adapter basics.

If Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Unified Service Desk (USD) recognizes the Automatic Number Identification (ANI), the Activity History is linked to the known contact.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Activity History fields

View the table below for an extensive list of Microsoft Dynamics 365 fields included in each Activity and their description.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Activity Field Description
Subject Interaction ID
Call From Inbound call: contact from which the call originated

Outbound call: agent calling

Call To Inbound call: agent accepting the call

Outbound call: contact receiving the call

Phone Number Telephone number from which the call originated
Direction Type of call (inbound, outbound, or internal)
Duration Length of the call in minutes and seconds (updated when the call ends)
Description Comments and notes added by one or more involved agents

The Gplus Adapter allows seeing the content of the Genesys interaction directly from the Activity automatically created.

To learn more about screen pops, check What are screen pops.

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