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The Gplus Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to handle Genesys contact center functions from Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Unified Service Desk (USD).

How do I access the Adapter?

Using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework (CIF), the Gplus Adapter is loaded and displayed during the Dynamics login sequence. Log in to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account, then continue logging into the Adapter.

For more information about this topic, see Adapter basics.

Supported channels

The Adapter currently supports the voice channel and workitem. It provides you with controls and features that let you handle voice interactions with contacts or internal targets (such as other agents).

Voice Channel

Once you have an active call — because you called someone or accepted an incoming call —the main view changes to the active call toolbar. It is visible at the top of the Adapter and displays all applicable call controls and a timer for the active interaction.

Active call toolbar view

Call controls include:

Icon Function Description
Icon to release a call Release call Ends the call.
Icon to hold a call Hold call Places the call on hold. After the call is holding, the Retrieve button is displayed.
Icon to directly transfer a call Direct transfer Redirects the call to another contact you select using Team Communicator.
Icon to start a conference Conference Instantly starts a voice conference with the current caller and another contact that you select using Team Communicator.
Icon to start a consultative transfer Consultative transfer Start a consultation with another contact before transferring the call to that contact.

In the case of multiple interactions simultaneously, you can click the phone icon at the bottom of the Adapter to verify each call's status. A green bar indicates an active interaction; inactive calls are characterized by a red bar.

An example of concurrent interactions, displayed as green bars if active and as red if inactive

If you wish to learn how to handle incoming calls with the Adapter, see How to manage inbound calls.

Workitem channel

After you log in and make yourself available, you can receive inbound WorkItem from the queue. When the Gplus Adapter alerts you of an incoming WorkItem, you receive a toaster notification with the information about the WorkItem interaction. WorkItems can transport arbitrary information depending which type of entity they represents. In the below example the notification displays:

  • the customer phone number
  • the Department
  • the type of WorkItem (inbound workitem)
  • the WorkItem subject

GAMD Inbound Workitem control.png

Workitem controls include:

Icon Function Description
GAMD Workbin MarkDone.png Mark done Close the interaction
GAMD Workbin Transfer.png Transfer Blind transfer of workitem to another agent or queue
GAMD Workbin Consulting.png Consulting Allow to consult another agent to manage the interaction

If you wish to learn how to handle incoming calls with the Adapter, see How to manage workitem inbound.

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