High availability and disaster recovery

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This topic is part of the manual WebRTC Private Edition Guide for version Current of WebRTC.

Find out how this service provides disaster recovery in the event the service goes down.

Service High Availability Disaster Recovery Where can you host this service?
WebRTC Media Service N = N (N+1) Active-spare Primary or secondary unit

See High Availability information for all services: High availability and disaster recovery

Resources that are used for Primary region should be replicated for the backup region. For example, if a primary region has 10 WebRTC pods, the same number of pods must be deployed in the backup region also.

If a call from Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) /Session Border Controller (SBC) is from one region and WebRTC is in another region, the bandwidth between the regions is used for the backup. For this scenario, Pulse Code Modulation mu-law (PCMU) codec is used which requires 100kbps per call.

WebRTC will follow the Workspace Web Edition (WWE) pattern for its failover. For example, If WWE primary is location 1 and the backup is location 2, WebRTC will also backup from location 1 to location 2.

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