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This topic is part of the manual WebRTC Private Edition Guide for version Current of WebRTC.

Webphone is a Browser-based standalone WebRTC softphone that can be used as the Agent's device separately from WWE wherever VDI (Citrix, VMware) is used.

Webphone is similar to Zero footprint that provides the ability to separate voice and signaling traffic.

Configure WebRTC agent with Webphone using Agent Setup

To configure WebRTC agents with Webphone, perform the following configurations.

Provision Webphone

The following steps include the configuration for provisioning a Webphone,

  1. Log in to Agent Setup.
  2. Go to Users > Add Users to create an agent. To know more about user creation, see Manage agents and other users.
  3. Enter the mandatory fields to create the user.
  4. Navigate to the configuration of the new agent.
  5. Enter the agent's phone number and select the Softphone type as Genesys Softphone / Genesys 420HT / AudioCodes 4xxHD / Polycom.
  6. Go to User > Access Group.
  7. Configure the Access Group for the Agent. To know more about configuring access groups, see Access Groups.
    Make sure that the Access Group assigned to a new user has permissions to access the Folder where the new user is created. You can view the Folder in the General Info tab mentioned in the user creation process.
  8. Go to Desktop Options > Voice.
  9. Clear the Can Use WebRTC check box.
  10. Click Save.

Operate Genesys Webphone

Log in to the Webphone using the credentials you have created. Log in to your Webphone as a WWE Agent now. You can view the following screen when the Webphone is successfully configured and connected to the Webphone service.

WebRTC Webphone.png

Operate WWE Agent Workspace

Log in to WWE with the user credentials that you created when configuring a WebRTC agent and you can view the following screen to initiate the Webphone call.

WebRTC WWE.png

Control calls using Webphone and WWE

The agent can use the WWE desktop for all call control operations as the Webphone does not have any call control interface. The following image displays the inbound call ringing screen with WWE and Webphone.

WebRTC InboundWWE.png

The following image displays the screens once the call is established with WWE and Webphone.

WebRTC Call.png

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