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This manual is for version Current of Reporting.

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Article Description
Article Description
Genesys Pulse Accessibility Genesys Pulse accessibility features and guidelines.
Get Started with Genesys Pulse Genesys Pulse is your gateway for monitoring your contact center, so you can better meet your business needs. This getting started page will get you running, viewing, and managing reports.
Real-time Reporting with Genesys Pulse Genesys Pulse is a widget-based performance dashboard solution for monitoring contact center resources in real time.
Dashboard and Wallboard Examples View examples of dashboards and wallboards to help you choose what you want to display.
Report Formulas You can use a formula to retrieve statistics or specific key performance indicators (KPIs).
Template Function Library Functions that you can use to customize templates.
Import/Export Export dashboards, wallboards, and templates from one environment to another.
Popular Reports Popular real-time reports that are often included in dashboards.
Statistic Properties Properties of statistics that you can use in your templates and reports.
Agent statistics Definitions of available Agent statistics you can include in reports.
Standard Report Templates Standard report templates are provided with Genesys Pulse.
Campaign statistics Definitions of available Campaign statistics you can include in reports.
eServices statistics Definitions of available eServices statistics you can include in reports.
Queue statistics Definitions of available Queue statistics you can include in reports.
Manage Report Templates Create and use Genesys Pulse templates to simplify widget creation.
Dashboards and Wallboards Use Genesys Pulse dashboards and wallboards to display real-time reports.
Widget Errors Error-handling in Genesys Pulse. In most cases users have to contact Genesys Pulse Administrators to resolve these errors.
Display External Content You can use an IFRAME widget to show content from an external URL on your Genesys Pulse dashboard.
Widget Management Widget Management allows allows administrators and supervisors to perform basic operations with widgets (editing, removing, activating, deactivating).
Add a Widget You can add a new report widget to your Genesys Pulse dashboard or wallboard.
Widget Types Types of widgets that you can add to your Genesys Pulse dashboard or wallboard.
Genesys Pulse User Preferences Use Genesys Pulse User Preferences menu to set Languages and Time Zones.

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