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Genesys Predictive Routing (GPR) includes several components. This topic provides an overview of the prerequisite hardware and software required to run each component.

It also includes an interoperability table, showing which versions of the Genesys components required to run an end-to-end GPR solution are compatible.
In addition to the prerequisites noted here, see the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide, which provides operating system, database, and browser requirements information for most Genesys products.
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The GPR components: hardware and software requirements

Data Loader

  • Connects to Configuration Server to read the Data Loader Application object, which includes the configuration for your datasets.
  • Connects to the Genesys Info Mart Database to upload interaction data; enables upload of customer and outcome data from .csv files.
  • Data Loader must be deployed on a host that has no other instances of Local Control Agent installed.

URS Strategy Subroutines

  • Out-of-the-box strategy subroutines to use with your Genesys routing components. Genesys Predictive Routing includes a set of subroutines created for use with Universal Routing Server (URS) and Interaction Routing Designer (IRD).

Genesys Reporting Integration

Important Considerations Related to Docker

  • You might need an active internet connection to download additional libraries when installing Docker.
  • The GPR uses the RHEL8 universal base image as the base Docker image.
  • To operate correctly in a Docker environment, SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux) should be disabled or running in permissive mode. For instructions, see How to disable SELinux on the Linux web site.
  • If you are deploying components in Docker containers in an HA architecture, the system clocks on all target servers must be synchronized. You can use Network Time Protocol (NTP) for this.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome - Latest and one previous
  • Internet Explorer - IE 11

System requirements and required components/versions

The following table lists the hardware and software requirements that should be in place before starting your deployment.
Data Loader
Hardware/Software Type Requirement Comments
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 8
Docker docker-ce version 18.09.2 or higher; OR docker-ee 18.09.2 or higher
Configuration Server 8.1.300.36 or higher
Message Server—for logging 8.1.300.11 or higher

URS Strategy Subroutines
Hardware/Software Type Requirement Comments
See the Genesys Predictive Routing Sizing Worksheet to calculate the memory and CPU requirements for URS when using Predictive Routing.    


Among GPR components:

GPR Component Requirement Comments
Data Loader Requires GPR Hybrid environment  

For Routing using the URS Strategy Subroutines:

{! Interaction Routing Designer
Hardware/Software Type Requirement Comments
Universal Routing Server 8.1.400.60 or higher  Requires a connection to Stat Server or higher
8.1.400.39 or higher  

For integration with Genesys Reporting:

Hardware/Software Type Requirement Comments
Genesys Predictive Routing 9.0.016 or higher  
Interaction Concentrator 8.1.5 or higher  
Genesys Info Mart or higher  
Reporting and Analytics Aggregates or higher  
Genesys CX Insights (GCXI) or higher  


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