How GPR reports data for billing

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GPR generates data that is used to determine which interactions are billable.

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What is billed?

GPR Billing counts only successfully routed interactions. If an interaction is not delivered to an agent, it is not be billed, even if it was routed using GPR. The following points describe how GPR handles some specific scenarios:

  • If your routing strategy is configured to ask GPR to score agents multiple time for a single interaction, you are billed for each score request that was successfully processed, routed, and answered. For example, your strategy might transfer an interaction using GPR, resulting in scoring for the initial agent and a second scoring request to locate the agent to which the interaction is transferred. Or your routing might use queue chains, with multiple calls to GPR for agent scores.
  • If a consult call has the same ConnectionID as the main one, the consult is to be billed as only one call. If the consult call results in two ConnectionIDs, it is billed as two calls.
  • An interaction scored in queue by GPR that ends up being routed using skills-based routing—for example, because it remained in queue long enough to trigger default routing—the interaction is charged because GPR is statistically contributing to the lift of the whole queue by the fact that all interactions are scored. Details on this scenario (and all others) is captured in the gpmMode, gpmResult, and gpmUse KVPs.
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