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Route SMS interactions to the best resource

What's the challenge?

Your customer wants to contact you in the same way they would friends and family — instantly, conveniently, and personally, with freedom to keep moving. If they encounter constraints, excessive hold times, inconsistent responses or multiple calls, that can damage customer satisfaction and put a strain on your agents.

What's the solution?

Connect a customer to the right resource anywhere in your business by routing customer text messages to your best-fit agents. Genesys SMS Routing uses skill-based routing so messaging your company for support is faster and more efficient than calling and enables conversations from anywhere.

Story and Business Context

In today’s digital world, customers want a simple, convenient method of communication through their preferred channel at a time that meets their schedule. Increasingly customers are choosing asynchronous channels, such as SMS, for the convenience it provides. Using SMS customers can avoid having to call and wait on hold for an available agent. SMS also allows customers to engage "on the go" without a dedicated mobile app. And because customers engage via SMS at faster rates than any other messaging channel, issues can be resolved more quickly.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Employee Occupancy Combine text messaging with automated responses to boost agent productivity.
Reduced Handle Time Route SMS messages to the right skilled agents through skills based routing
Reduced Transfers SMS interactions captured by the Genesys system go through content analysis to assign a category that allows the best agent with the skills to the corresponding category. The result is correct transfer of SMS and avoidance of misrouted SMS and unnecessary costs.


A customer sends an SMS to a company. The SMS is captured by the Genesys system and a content analysis is performed to assign a category to the SMS. It is then queued to the best available agent with the skill set corresponding to the category. After the agent has completed the SMS response, a supervisor may review the SMS, depending on the agent, for quality management. Priority tuning improves the SLA adherence to customers' SMS messages. The use case provides reporting capabilities to provide management visibility into the SMS interaction channel.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

The following flow describes the use case from the perspective of the main actors, i.e. user and contact center agent.

The following diagrams show the business flow of the use case:

Business Flow Description

  1. A customer sends an SMS to a company short code or long code number. The SMS message is captured from a carrier and passed to Genesys to be handled by agents.
  2. The new SMS message is captured by Genesys, including the customer's phone number as metadata.
  3. Genesys will pull in additional customer information available within IC agent desktop. (Tracker data)
  4. The system can send out a receipt acknowledgement SMS to the customer with a predefined template configured in Administrator. (Optional)
  5. Once an agent within the workgroup for the short/long code is available, the SMS is routed to the agent's desktop application with screen pop showing related SMS information. Any available contact information from Tracker data will be displayed.
  6. Once the agent reads the SMS, he or she needs to decide if a reply is needed.
    • If no reply is needed, the agent marks the interaction as done.
    • If a reply is needed, the Agent replies in the chat window, potentially using a standard response template.
  7. The agent sets a disposition code to mark the business outcome for reporting purposes once they disconnect the interaction.

For more details

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