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This topic is part of the manual Field Codes Reference Guide for version Current of Routing.

Learn about the interaction object you can access using system variables in field codes.

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The Interaction object is the currently processed interaction that is built from a standard response and includes field codes.

  • For Acknowledgement, Redirect, Autoresponse, Chat Transcript, Forward, and Reply From External Resource strategy objects, this Interaction object handles EmailIn.
  • For the Send object, which only supports field codes for this Subject, this Interaction object handles EmailOut.
  • This distinction affects the the FromAddress and ToAddresses properties.

The properties for this object include:

Name Description Syntax
Id Returns the interaction's ID. Interaction.Id
DateCreated Returns the Date/Time at which this Interaction was created in the system. Interaction.DateCreated
Subject Returns the Subject of this Interaction. Interaction.Subject
ToAddress Returns the recipient (To field) of this Interaction. Interaction.ToAddress
FromAddress Returns the originator (From field) of this Interaction. Interaction.FromAddress
AttachedData Returns the attached data (Interaction Attribute) value associated with a specified key. The value can be either a string or a number. For example:
  • Interaction.AttachedData (“ParentId”)
  • Interaction.AttachedData (“Language”)
Interaction.AttachedData (“Key”)
TimeZone Returns the time zone of the parent interaction (Interaction in general). The value is a string formatted as“GMT”, “GMT+”, or “GMT-” For example:
  • GMT+01.00 indicates a Paris time zone.
  • GMT-04.00 indicates a Canada east coast (Maritimes) time zone.
  • GMT-05.00 indicates an eastern U.S./Canada time zone.
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