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This topic is part of the manual Outbound (CX Contact) Private Edition Guide for version Current of Outbound (CX Contact).

Learn how to configure CX Contact.

Override Helm chart values

You can specify parameters for the deployment by overriding Helm chart values in the values.yaml file. See the Parameters table for a full list of overridable values.

For more information about Helm chart values, see Overriding Helm chart values.

Parameter Description
configserver.user_name, user_password Defines the system username and password for CX Contact.
redis.nodes Provides a valid URI to Redis.
redis.password Provides a valid auth password for Redis. Provides a valid URI to Elasticsearch.
gws.client_id The name of the GWS service client that will be created (if it doesn't exist) and the secret that will be placed in the k8s secrets repository.
gws.client_secret The client that will be created with this secret string. If a GWS client with this name already exists, you'll need to enter the secret here.
gws.frontend_host, frontend_port The SSO GAuth URI where CX Contact redirects during log in.
core.auth, environment The internal URI to core services that is required for further provisioning. You can see, in our example GAuth is installed in namespace "gauth"
platform.ocs, configration, .. etc. The internal URI to the platform's GWS services. You can see, in our example GWS is installed in namespace "gws"
ingress.cxc_frontend Creates a URI that is used by Ingress to route external incoming requests to CX Contact (Web UI and API).
internal_ingress.cxc_backend Creates the URI that is used by Ingress to route internal incoming requests to CX Contact (API for OCS, GWS, Designer, etc)
storage.size Defines the appropriate size for the permanent storage, depending on the daily volume of interactions, etc.
storage.storageClassName Picks the existing Storage Class, which is described in this document earlier.

Configure Kubernetes

Preconfiguring Kubernetes ConfigMaps and create a default secret when you are preparing the cluster resources.

Configure security

When configuring CX Contact, you must set the connectivity to the Compliance Data Provider (CDP).

Before attempting to connect to CDP Next Generation (NG), you'll need the access ID and Secret. To obtain these credentials, contact Genesys Customer Care.

As of 9.0.025.xx, CX Contact uses CDP NG by default. The following Helm chart settings control the CDP NG connectivity:

      url: ""
      gcloud_auth: ""
    embedded_basepath: "/list_builder/data/ng_init_data"
      areacode: "AU,CA,GB,NZ,US"
      geo: "AU,CA,GB,NZ,US"
      postal: "CA,GB,US"
      dnc: "GB,US"
The gcloud_id and gcloud_secret parameters are required, but do not have default values.

You can use the following parameters to switch to legacy CDP:

      url: false
      gcloud_auth: false
      gcloud_id: false
      gcloud_secret: false
    embedded_basepath: "/list_builder/data/init_data"

Security Context

The security context settings define the privilege and access control settings for pods and containers.

By default, the user and group IDs are set in the values.yaml file as 500:500:500, meaning the genesys user. For example:

    runAsNonRoot: true
    runAsUser: 500
    runAsGroup: 500
    fsGroup: 500

TLS authentication

TLS 1.2 connectivity is required for all connections to databases (Redis, PostgreSQL, and Elasticsearch) and connections must be authenticated using credentials.

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