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Enterprise IVR (EIVR) is an Inbound Voice offering wherein both the computer (GVP) and the application or call-flow are installed in the Genesys Cloud CX and managed by Genesys. The customer and Genesys work closely together to create and test a suitable IVR call-flow.

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With the Enterprise IVR solution, you might need to do these admin tasks:

Designer is the primary routing application for Enterprise IVR.  Designer is comprised of various features designed to run your contact center effectively:

  • User Interaction Blocks - These blocks help you to interact with customers, such as by offering menus, collecting information, or playing messages. User interaction blocks include:
    • Bot
    • Menu
    • Play message
    • Record
    • Record utterance
    • User input
    • Chat message
    • Chat transcript
    • Get chat transcript
    • Send email
  • Business Objects Bar - The Business Controls pages help you to manage resources and settings that are specific to your site, such as:
    • Business hours
    • Emergency flags
    • Special days
    • Data tables
    • Callback settings
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