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This manual is for version Current of IVR Administration.

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Article Description
Enterprise IVR Enterprise IVR (EIVR) is an Inbound Voice offering wherein both the computer (GVP) and the application or call-flow are installed in the Genesys Cloud and managed by Genesys. The customer and Genesys work closely together to create and test a suitable IVR call-flow.
Creating and managing DID Groups All procedures begin in the DID Groups Main Page.
Provisioning IVR profiles yourself You can use Platform Administration to provision IVR profiles and Map Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Groups to IVR profiles. You don't have to ask a manager or a system administrator.
GVP PaaS Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) is a software-only, standards-based voice portal that provides cost-effective customer interactions, 24x7, for businesses using voice, video, the web, and the cloud.
Provision IVR Profiles yourself You can use IVR Administration to provision Voice Platform Profiles (IVR profiles) and map Direct Inward Dialed (DID) Groups to these IVR profiles.
Manage DID Groups with IVR Administration All procedures begin in the DID Groups Main Page.
IVR Administration Interactive Voice Response (IVR) assists in resolving your customers' issues when they call into your company. Your customer and the IVR interact with one another to drill-down on what the customer wants to do and, ideally, the IVR resolves the issue without having to transfer the call to an agent.

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