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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) assists in resolving your customers' issues when they call into your company. Your customer and the IVR interact with one another to drill-down on what the customer wants to do and, ideally, the IVR resolves the issue without having to transfer the call to an agent.

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IVR offerings

IVR consists of a computer and an application or call-flow. "Computer" refers to the Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) that executes or interprets the work, which is defined in an application or call-flow.

IVR includes two product offerings — the Enterprise IVR and GVP PaaS. Both the Enterprise IVR (entirely Genesys managed) and GVP PaaS (Customer or Genesys managed) offerings are available for Genesys Multicloud CX.

Enterprise IVR

Enterprise IVR (EIVR) is an Inbound Voice offering wherein both the computer (GVP) and the application or call-flow are installed in the Genesys Cloud CX and managed by Genesys. The customer and Genesys work closely together to create and test a suitable IVR call-flow.


GVP PaaS is a different Inbound Voice offering wherein the application or call-flow is installed on the customer premises and the incoming telco connection is terminated at the computer (GVP) in the Genesys Cloud CX. Customers can manage the application or call-flow entirely by themselves (or, with Genesys assistance), and rely on Genesys to manage the complex infrastructure and high-availability associated with the telco connection.

For information on IVR menus, see [[PEC-ROU/Current/Designer/Menu|]] and [[PEC-ROU/Current/Designer/MenuOption|]].

GVP reporting

IVR is associated with GVP Reporting. GVP has a number of individual components that perform different tasks during a call.

GVP reports give you a diagnostic look at your contact center's performance by monitoring how the components perform — by themselves and with each other.

The goal is to improve your contact center's efficiency. For more information, see GVP Reporting.

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