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Gplus Adapter for Salesforce is a soft phone integrated within the Salesforce environment that offers many of the same features as the Genesys Agent Workspace (v9).

What you see in Gplus Adapter depends on your contact center and your role within it, so you might not be able to do or see all the things covered in this help. If you think you should be able to do or see something you can't, check with your supervisor or system administrator.

Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic

Gplus Adapter supports both Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic. There are some minor differences between how Adapter works under Lightning versus under Classic. These differences are noted in this document where the user experience is significantly modified. For example, Screen Pop by Object type is supported only for Salesforce Lightning. Most of the screen shots depict Adapter in Salesforce Lightning except where differences are significant enough to warrant showing both.

How can I use Gplus Adapter as an agent?

As an agent, you can use Gplus Adapter to handle calls, chats, SMS, emails, or other media channels interactions without navigating away from your Salesforce environment.

Check out the topics below to explore more details.

  • Getting Started - helps you to get quickly up and running with your Gplus Adapter.
  • Working with Gplus Adapter - helps you to understand the features and functions that are available in Salesforce as part of Gplus Adapter integration.
  • Click-to-dial - helps you to make connections easily by clicking to make a call.
  • Screen Pops - helps you to see a contact record as soon as you receive an interaction.
  • Activity History - helps you to work with the Salesforce contact activity history by adding details about the interactions you handle.
  • Genesys Agent Workspace help - helps you to explore complete set of functions that you can use in Gplus Adapter as an agent.
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