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This manual is for version Current of Gplus Adapter for Salesforce.

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Article Description
Article Description
Activity History Gplus Adapter adds details about the interactions you handle works in the Salesforce contact activity history.
Click-to-dial Click-to-dial makes connecting to your customers easy. All you have to do is click their phone number to make a call.
Getting started Logging in and getting ready to take call and handle Genesys Digital channels.
Gplus Adapter for Salesforce (v9) Gplus Adapter for Salesforce is a soft phone integrated within the Salesforce environment that offers many of the same features as the Genesys Agent Workspace (v9).
Screen Pops When you receive an interaction, a contact Salesforce record pops up in Salesforce.
Working with Gplus Adapter for Salesforce Gplus Adapter for Salesforce enables you to handle Genesys contact center functions from Salesforce. It integrates Salesforce features such as activity history update, screen pop, and click-to-dial.

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