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This topic is part of the manual Interaction Server Private Edition Guide for version Current of Interaction Server.

Find out what to do before deploying Interaction Server.

Limitations and assumptions

The current version of IXN Server:

  • supports single-region model of deployment only
  • does not support scaling or HA
  • requires dedicated PostgreSQL deployment per customer

Download the Helm charts

Available IXN containers can be found by the following names in registry:

  • ixn/ixn_vq_node
  • ixn/ixn_node
  • ixn/interaction_server

Available helm charts can be found by the name ixn-<version>

For information about downloading Genesys containers and Helm charts from JFrog Edge, see the suite-level documentation: Downloading your Genesys Multicloud CX containers.

Third-party prerequisites

The following are the minimum versions supported by IXN Server:

  • Kubernetes 1.17+
  • Helm 3.0
Third-party services
Name Version Purpose Notes
A container image registry and Helm chart repository Used for downloading Genesys containers and Helm charts into the customer's repository to support a CI/CD pipeline. You can use any Docker OCI compliant registry.
PostgreSQL 11.x Relational database.
Kafka 2.x Message bus.Kafka is required to deliver IXN reporting events to Genesys Info Mart (GIM). It is the same Kafka for GIM and IXN Server.
Consul 1.8 Service discovery, service mesh, and key/value store.
Redis 6.x Used for caching. Only distributions of Redis that support Redis cluster mode are supported, however, some services may not support cluster mode.Redis is required for communication between Orchestration Server (ORS) and IXN Server. It is the same Redis for ORS and IXN Server.

Storage requirements

In case logging into files is configured for IXN Server, it requires a volume storage mounted to IXN Server container. The storage must be capable to write up to 100 MB/min and 10 MB/s for 2 minutes in peak. The storage size depends on logging configuration.

Regarding storage characteristics for IXN Server database, refer to PostgreSQL documentation.

Contact your account representative if you need assistance with sizing calculations.

Network requirements

Not applicable

Browser requirements

Not applicable

Genesys dependencies

Tenant service. For more information, refer to the Tenant Service Private Edition Guide.

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