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This topic is part of the manual Interaction Server Private Edition Guide for version Current of Interaction Server.

Learn how to store logs for Interaction Server.

IXN Node and IXN VQ Node containers log to stdout in structured JSON format.

IXN Server logging is configurable via configuration in ConfigServer. Refer to InteractionServer-log for more information.

IXN Server can be set up to output logs to stdout. Or it can be configured to write logs to disk. In the latter case, log volume should be able to write up to 100 MB/min and 10 MB/s for 2 minutes in peak.

Find the sample Helm values file. Keep in mind that you have to provide fluent-bit 1.8.x image from the vendor and keep it in the same registry as other images are pushed to.

     enabled: true
     repository: "fluent/fluent-bit"
     tag: "1.8.5"
     mountPath: "/mnt/logs"
     storageSize: 1Gi
       emptyDir: {}

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