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Record voice and screen interactions

What's the challenge?

You need to meet contact center compliance and quality needs, within budget and strategy. When complete voice and screen recordings are too expensive, complicated or don’t fit your technology vision, that exposes you to unnecessary costs and risks.

What's the solution?

Get end-to-end interaction recordings by capturing calls and screen activity. Genesys Voice and Screen Recording, already available on your Genesys Customer Experience platform, is simple and cost-effective to add, use and manage. Boost quality, reduce risk and help the contact center improve performance.

Story and Business Context

Recording calls and agent screens is important for quality management purposes. Simultaneous playback of recorded calls and agent screens helps to identify issues with agent efficiency, desktop applications, and to identify the training needs of each agent. This powerful solution will enable the modern contact center to record the entire customer interaction, allowing the contact center to meet quality or regulatory compliance requirements. Genesys provides organizations with reliable, high-quality recordings of both audio communications and related desktop screen activity.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Agent Competency Use screen recordings with audio to identify quality issues and optimize the agent's use of back-end systems, and to identify compliance and risk factors. Monitor ACW via screen recordings to identify areas to train and optimize
Improved Net Promoter Score Combine recording into training which results in reduced handle time, improved first contact resolution and improved employee attrition
Reduced Penalties and Fines Record 100% of calls with no lost calls. Improve security by making parties aware they are being recorded


PureConnect can provide 100% voice recording of customer conversations with agents for compliance and regulatory requirements, with a sub-selection of agent screens being recorded.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow Description

  1. Customer makes a call to one of the service lines of the company.
  2. The IVR announces that the call will be recorded.
  3. The call is handled and routed to an agent following the logic of the inbound voice distribution strategy which is implemented for the service line. This can be one of the existing inbound voice use cases (see these use cases for more details). The inbound voice routing strategy is not within the scope of this use case.
    • Based on initiation policies, which the administrator sets in Genesys, it is determined if the screen needs to be recorded.
  4. Genesys Interaction Recorder starts the voice recording.
    • If step 3a determines that the screen needs to be recorded, Genesys Interaction Recorder starts screen recording as soon as the agent answers the call.
  5. The agent can answer the call from a single, dedicated desk within the site (product limitation).
    • The agent may (if enabled) pause or resume the recording manually via the standard configuration with the Genesys Customer Interaction Center client when sensitive data is required.
  6. The customer or agent disconnects the call.
  7. Genesys Interaction Recorder stops the voice recording. Screen recording stops after the configured ACW period has ended.
  8. Genesys uploads the screen recording files to the central system immediately or at configured intervals.
  9. The supervisor searches for, retrieves, and listens to a recording made by one of their agents.
  10. The legal and compliance officer checks the system for compliance and retrieves recordings for legal purposes.
  11. The quality manager searches for, retrieves, and listens to recordings to use in agent evaluations.
  12. Genesys Interaction Recorder archives and purges recordings according to the configured rules.

For more details

For additional details, contact your Genesys Sales Representative by filing out the form or for immediate assistance call us: 1-888-Genesys.

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