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Engage with your customers through social channels

What's the challenge?

As the volume of social network interactions continues to escalate, it’s clear that simply throwing more people onto Twitter and Facebook is not a sustainable solution — there needs to be a new evolution to a scalable model for managing social engagement.

What's the solution?

Monitor your business presence on relevant social media sites and easily identify and prioritize online comments. Automatically routing social media interactions across the enterprise to the right people brings new levels of scalability, consistency and responsiveness in your social media interaction strategies.

Story and Business Context

Social media features in PureConnect allow agents to receive and reply to inbound, ACD-routed Facebook and Twitter messages, as well as Facebook private messages and Twitter direct messages. PureConnect routes social media interactions to workgroups that are associated with Facebook and Twitter channels.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Reduced Administration Costs Eliminated manual monitoring/reporting by automating efforts through Genesys Social Engagement
Reduced Customer Churn Reduced customer churn by monitoring social sites and addressing issues through routing issues to best available resource


Consistently provide customer service across Twitter and Facebook by delivering interactions to the best available resource with social media public and private messaging. Agents are able to advice customers based on customer information and social media context. Standard responses enable your agents to provide consistent response to customers engaging via Facebook or Twitter.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow - Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Messenger

The following flows describe the use case from the perspective of the main actors, i.e., social media user and contact center agent.

The first flow shows how a social media message is handled:

Business Flow Description

  1. The user searches in Twitter/Facebook for the company's handles.
  2. User reports a customer care issue via a Tweet, Twitter DM, Facebook Post, or Facebook Messenger message to the attention of the company.
  3. Genesys monitors the Twitter/Facebook handles via predefined events and filters the message using keywords to determine actionability (routing to workgroups).
  4. Genesys searches for an available agent within the configured workgroup.
    1. If an agent is available, the interaction is routed to an agent.
    2. If no agent is available, the interaction is queued until an agent becomes available.
  5. The interaction is sent to the next available agent for appropriate response.
  6. The agent will decide if the interaction requires private comments.
    • If no private answer is required, the agent will reply via the company Facebook page or company's Twitter handle.
    • If private messaging is required, the interaction will be moved out of the public comment space and will be dealt with via private messaging (Twitter direct message or Facebook Messenger private message).
    • Best practice for the agent is to respond to a public message with a public response, indicating that the conversation might be moved to private.
  7. When the interaction is finished, the agent can set a wrap-up code to register the outcome for reporting purposes.

For more details

For additional details, contact your Genesys Sales Representative by filing out the form or for immediate assistance call us: 1-888-Genesys.

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