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Offer callback to queuing callers

What's the challenge?

When callers wait in long queues, customer frustration with your brand goes up right along with your abandonment rate. However, always keeping staff at peak performance level is costly and inefficient. You need a way to distribute calls during peak times to meet your service levels and keep callers happy.

What's the solution?

An alternative to waiting on hold can make the difference in a customer’s experience. After a threshold of time, give callers the wait time and the option of receiving a callback. Now you can deliver higher customer satisfaction without maintaining a peak-level staff.

Story and Business Context

This functional use case enables you to improve customer experience by providing wait time information and callback functionality. Depending on the length of the wait time, the system can play different messages and provide optimized customer experiences for various situations. You can specify the upper wait time threshold and the automatic transfer out of queue behavior based on the business. You can monitor the outcome of caller behaviors using reports and quickly adjust the settings if required.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Employee Occupancy Smoothing of inbound call volumes with offer of callback during busy times improves employee utilization.
Improved Net Promoter Score Offering callback and providing wait time information during busy times rather than keeping customers on hold improves the customer experience.
Reduced Handle Time Customers who have not been kept on hold are less likely to spend time 'venting' in frustration, so reducing handle time.
Reduced Interaction Abandonment Setting customer expectations about wait time with the offer of a callback reduces abandonment rates.
Reduced Volume of Interactions Offering callback reduces the instance of follow-up and repeat calls by customers who have previously abandoned.


Enhance your IVR application with the possibility to offer a callback. For example, if the customer has chosen to transfer to a representative but a long wait is expected, they can hear a message letting them know the estimated wait time along with an offer to receive a callback later.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Callback Flow

Business Flow Description

  1. A customer calls a service line of the company.
  2. The call is handled by the IVR
  3. At some point the customer needs assistance and chooses a menu option for agent transfer. The type of request and the agent skill(s) necessary to handle the call are determined by logic applied when the caller leaves the IVR.
  4. The system verifies the expected wait time for the particular request. If the wait time is below the thresholds, the caller is immediately transferred to the corresponding queue to wait for an agent with the requested skill(s) necessary to handle the call.
  5. If the expected wait time is above the threshold, the system plays a wait time announcement to the caller. This can be a generic announcement or the amount of estimated wait time rounded to minutes.
  6. After the announcements, the option for callback is announced to the customer.
  7. If the customer does not accept the callback, the call is transferred to the corresponding waiting queue. In case the customer accepts the callback offer, the system continues with the registration of the callback.
  8. When the callback interaction is next in queue, it is presented to the agent to place an outbound call.
  9. Agent places the call.
  10. After the conversation between the agent and the customer, the agent can classify the call for reporting purposes via their agent desktop.

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