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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Multicloud CX Web-based API Reference for version Current of Developer.

Use the Task Routing API to submit workitems to Genesys from third-party applications such as Salesforce or NetSuite. You can also use the API to get, update and stop submitted workitems.

API Overview

Once workitems are submitted to Genesys through the API, you can use other Genesys applications to route them to agents, get interactions that were processed by agents, and view reports about those interactions. See the overview documentation on the PureEngage Docs site for details about Task Routing and how you should use this API as part of the larger solution.

API Details

Find the API requests, responses, and details here:

Getting Started

Make sure to check out the Introduction to Engage Cloud APIs page for more information about core concepts in the Engage Cloud APIs, such as requests and responses.

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