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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Multicloud CX Web-based API Reference for version Current of Developer.

The Interactions Webhook provides notifications about state changes in chat and secure email interactions. Digital Channels supports notifications for the following events:

  • STARTED - A new interaction is created in Universal Contact Server and submitted into the interaction queue.
  • FINISHED - The interaction processing was stopped by Agent Desktop or another workflow.
Contact your Genesys representative to configure webhooks for Digital Channels.

Webhook Overview

The webhook is delivered as a POST request. Digital Channels expects the third-party system to respond with 200 OK. If the third-party system doesn’t respond with 200 OK or is not available, Digital Channels will try to redeliver the webhook according to the configuration for retry timeout and retry attempts. Contact your Genesys representative for details about this configuration.

The webhook POST request contains an X-Hub-Signature header with the SHA1 signature of the post payload. The signature is calculated using the keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC), where the key is the app secret. The signature is then prefixed with sha1=. The third-party system should verify this signature to validate the integrity and origin of the payload.

API Details

Find the API requests, responses, and details here:

Getting Started

Make sure to check out the Introduction to Engage Cloud APIs page for more information about core concepts in the Engage Cloud APIs, such as requests and responses.

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