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This page explains how ADMIN users can set or update password policies for their account.

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Set password policies

The Settings > Account window enables you to continue the following fields:

Field name Default Value Valid Values
Password expires after [x] days 90 1–90 days
Password cannot be changed until after [x] hours 24 1–72 hours
Show password expiration reminder [x] days before password expiry 7 1–14 days
Password cannot be the same as the [x] previous passwords 5 5–15 previous passwords
Account is locked after [x] invalid login attempts 6 3–6 invalid login attempts
Unlock user account after [x] minutes 60 30–300 minutes
Block inactive user after [x] days 45 1–90 days
Message to show blocked users: This user account was blocked due to too many failed login attempts. Please try again later. Leave the default, edit the message to be displayed to blocked users, or leave the text box empty to omit a notification message.
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