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An Utterance is what the user communicates to describe their intent.

You should have at least one intent created.

What are utterances?

Utterances are phrases that a user would use to describe what they want to do. The bot tries to understand and identify the user’s intent from these utterances.

A user might say: I need a room for tomorrow. or I want to book a room for tomorrow. Both of these utterances convey the same intention: book a room for tomorrow. Another utterance might be: Book me a suite for three nights starting tomorrow.

When creating sample utterances, try to create variations and also with a wide range of semantics for each intent. It’s a good practice to create multiple variations of the same phrase. For example, create two utterances: book a room and reserve a room.

Add an utterance

  1. In the Utterances tab, type an utterance in the + field, and press Enter.
  2. Add more utterances to the intent, as needed.
    You must have two utterances added to your intent before you can save the intent.

Edit an utterance

  • Click an utterance and modify the information, as required.

Delete an utterance

  • Select an utterance and click the Delete button.

Search utterances

Use the Search filter to locate all utterances that use a specific keyword. This feature is useful when you have a large number of utterances for your intent.

  • In the Search field, type a word to locate all instances of that word in multiple utterances.

What's next?

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