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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Dialog Engine User Guide for version Current of Genesys Dialog Engine.

Learn how to create multiple versions of your bot

The Versions screen allows you to view and switch between various published versions of your bot.

GDE botversioning.png

The Published Bot Versions table displays all versions of the current bot with a published date and description (if available). The status of the bot is also displayed. The Live status indicates that the version is live for your customers.

When a bot is published, you can provide an optional description for the version being published. GDE publish bot.png

Load a previous version of a bot

To load a previous version of a bot, click the Load Bot Version button.


Remember that any unsaved changes to the bot will be lost.

Loading a previous version will create a copy of the version into the workbench. You can view and update this copy and when you publish the bot, a new version is created with the updates you made after importing.
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