Adding Knowledge to your bot

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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Dialog Engine User Guide for version Current of Genesys Dialog Engine.

Feature coming soon!Add predefined queries and answers to your bot allowing it to understand and respond to conversations.

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is a set of predefined questions and answers that Dialog Engine will use to respond to queries and to identify intents. The knowledge is stored in a comma-separated file. Dialog Engine will parse this knowledge file on import and use the content to identify intents by matching the utterances to the questions.

Dialog Engine includes a sample knowledge file that can be used as as template to building a knowledge base. Once imported. Dialog Engine will use the information to respond to questions.

You can also create a bot that relies on this knowledge to answer queries. These bot are called Knowledge Bots. The Knowledge Bots do not require creating intents and utterances. You can update these bot by uploading a newer set of knowledge files.

Import Knowledge


  • Click New Knowledge.
  • Enter a name to identify the knowledge.
  • Select the knowledge file to be imported.
  • Click Create after the knowledge file is uploaded.
The information in the knowledge is updated and the Knowledge page displays the knowledge name and the number of questions and answers that were imported.

Update Knowledge


To update an existing knowledge file, click Update and import the latest knowledge file.

Download Knowledge


To download the current knowledge as a CSV file, click Download.

Delete Knowledge


  • Click Delete in the right pane and click Delete in the confirmation dialog.