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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Dialog Engine User Guide for version 9.0 of Genesys Dialog Engine.

An utterance is what the user communicates to describe their intent.

What are utterances?

Utterances are phrases that a user would use to describe what they want to do. The bot tries to understand and identify the user’s intent from these utterances.

A user might say: I need a room for tomorrow. or I want to book a room for tomorrow. Both of these utterances convey the same intention: book a room for tomorrow. Another utterance might be: Book me a suite for three nights starting tomorrow.

When creating sample utterances, try to create variations and also with a wide range of semantics for each intent. It’s a good practice to create multiple variations of the same phrase. For example, create two utterances: book a room and reserve a room.

Add an utterance


  1. In the Utterances tab, type an utterance in the empty field, and press Enter.
  2. Add more utterances to the intent, as needed.

Edit an utterance


  • Click an utterance and modify the information, as required.

Delete an utterance


  • Select an utterance and click the Delete button.

Search utterances


Use the Search filter to locate all utterances that use a specific keyword. This feature is useful when you have a large number of utterances for your intent.

  • In the Search field, type a word to locate all instances of that word in multiple utterances.

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